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About Our School

Central School

Central Elementary School is the oldest school facility in Central School District. Construction of the current school facilities was initiated in 1949.  The facility was expanded in three more phases in 1953, 1955, and 1957.  Over the years, portable classrooms were also added to the site to accommodate student population growth, special programs, and the Class Size Reduction program. In 2000 a major modernization and new construction project was completed which resulted in the addition of a new Library, Computer Lab, Special Educations rooms, a Research Lab, modernized staff and administration facilities, and a county Special Education facility.


This school has 27 classrooms, a multipurpose room, a serving kitchen, a library, a computer lab, special purpose rooms including those for Special Education, a Research Lab, a parent volunteer room, and an administration building. Also located adjacent to the site are both the District Warehouse and the District Maintenance and Operations facilities.


Central School serves over 590 students in grades K-5.  The staff consists of more than 60 certificated and classified employees, both full and part time.  Specially trained state credentialed professionals provide psychological services, health services, language-speech therapy, tutoring, and special education.

Our Mission Statement

Our dedicated staff, parents, and community members are committed to creating a safe and healthy learning environment that will motivate and challenge our students to develop into responsible participants in their education, empowering them to be successful in the diverse world in which we live.

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Celebrate with us!

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