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PTO Vision Statement

To support student achievement at Central Elementary by:

  • Being open to the needs of students, parents and staff through effective communication.
  • Giving parents a sense of ownership/belonging to our school by bringing more parents into the school setting through volunteer opportunities.
  • Supporting financially the school and its needs during these strict budget times.
  • Wisely using allocated funds.
  • Maintaining the rules and guidelines set out by the Bylaws in all decision-making.

We the PTO are really excited to start our new school year.  We hope to inspire our community members and our parents to get involved and take an active role in our children's education.  Quality  education requires a strong foundation of active and caring interaction, between school teachers, administration and parents.  The PTO is dedicated to reinforcing the foundation for our children and our community's future.  PTO is concerned with student safety and welfare bolstering educational opportunities for all of our children.



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Central PTO Meeting Schedule 2018-2019

August 22nd @ 5:30pm

September 19th @ 2:00pm

October 17th @ 2:00pm  

January 16th @ 2:00pm 

February 13th @ 2:00pm

April 17th @ 2:00pm  

May 15th @ 5:30pm




PTO Executive Board 2018-2019
President- Yolanda Schermerhorn
Vice President- Narrie Gavares
Treasurer- Maria Bravo
Secretary- Erika Albanese
Principal- Dr. Renee Barnett
Historian- Open
Parliamentarian- Sylvia Grubb